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I am a Full-Stack developer and a budding Linux SysAdmin with a background in Computer Science and Engineering. I’m glad you found your way here, whether you’re here to see my portfolio or my blog. My portfolio is listed below. Although some of these projects/services are private, I intend on making how-to guides for running your own stack!
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What is it?

Nextcloud is an open source alternative to services like
Google Drive or Office 365. I have been running a self hosted
instance of Nextcloud for a few years, and it serves as my
primary cloud server.

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What is it?

Uptime-kuma is an uptime monitoring tool that I have
recently started using. It can show you statistics about
how long your website has been running without any
downtime, and can immediately notify you via Telegram
in case anything goes wrong.

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What is it?

Bitwarden is a personal password manager that I had been
using primarily for the last few years. Recently however I’ve
made the shift towards KeePass as that suits my needs a little
better and lets me sleep more peacefully at night knowing
that my passwords are stored entirely offline in an
encrypted database. Feel free to use my
Bitwarden instance as it is open to the public.

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What is it?

A minimalistic dashboard that I built for quick access to my private stack of applications. Built using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Design inspiration from Karina Sirqueira, whose website [] is one of the most beautiful ones I have ever seen!